This season of WISP is full!

Weekly Intention Setting Partnership

Life can often feel a little hamster wheel-ish. We are just going and going and going. But we don’t have a whole lot of intention or attention as to where or why.

In the Weekly Intention Setting Partnership we get clear on what we desire to feel and how we want to show up each week. From there, we create space to be delighted by what unfolds because it’s not about some goal achieved (there are no sticker-charts) it’s about how we actively show up in our lives.

Join this Season of WISP

June – July – August

in·​ten·​tion: setting the gps coordinates of how you want to show up in your life

What this looks like

First 5 days we get very clear on intentions and then weekly from there I’m in your inbox to help you hold the space for being intentional.

  • Each Sunday

    Intention Setting Prompts

    Each week in your inbox on Sunday providing insight, inspiration and bringing your attention to your intention for this coming week. We create a container and an invitation to be intentional.

  • Mid-Week

    A Gentle Reminder

    Even the best of intentions can be hard to remember. A mid-week check in helps us all keep the attention on our intention.

  • Optional Sharing

    Supercharge Your Intention by Sharing for Support

    Click reply and share your intention for additional support and accountability throughout the week.

  • Gather

    Come Together on a Zoom Webinar

    We’ll be gathering twice this season. You can join live or watch the replay to bring your lessons from intention setting to the group at large.