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Knowing Your Values is the First Step in Finding Fulfillment

I’m running this workshop that all of my private coaching clients kick-off with again because we NEED it! As what happens next in 2021 remains as foggy and uncertain as ever we need a point of clarity to keep ourselves focused on.  That’s where your values come in.

What past participants had to say:

“This workshop didn’t just talk about values and provide ideas on how I could integrate them into my daily work someday. The work was done during the workshop. I walked away with my most important values defined and actions to utilize my resources of time, energy, and money for each value.”

“Even if you think you are clear on your values or have done values exercises before, do this. It’s always a good time to revisit your values—and especially how you use your resources around them, how you lean into, and show up with them. And Cass creates a quiet, thoughtful space to do this exploration.”

Next Values Workshop: Monday, August 23rd 7:30pm ET

Join me for our hour-long Values Workshop.