Coaching with Cass McCrory

You want tea.
You have a kettle of water.
You can boil the water and make the tea.
But you haven’t.

You might put the kettle on the heat for a little bit….but then life happens and while your desire for tea is still there it’s hard to keep the kettle on the heat.

I know people that have been thirsty for a hot cup of tea for years, decades even.

Of course, I’m not talking about tea. I’m talking about your dreams and ambitions. You have this desire to start your own business, or take your business to the next level, or take action on that project that makes real progress, or write a book, or get healthy.

I coach people with big ambitions that need outside accountability.
Gretchen Rubin puts us in the bucket of “obliger” at a high level it means we’re great at doing for others – we’ll go above and beyond to keep our promises to others, to meet the deadline, to not disappoint someone else….but when it comes to ourselves, it’s harder. It feels terrible – you think to yourself “I should be able to do this for myself, I do so much for everyone else.” I know this frustration.

I say us, because I’m in the same bucket. Over the last dozen years creating my business I’ve read countless books, taken classes on management philosophies, done online course after online course, invested in tracking apps, joined groups and more and while they were all helpful the thing that pushed the needle in a real way was having a coach. Since figuring out the combination of factors that work I want to hold space to see other people keep the heat on too and accomplish what they most want.