Hi there, I’m Cass McCrory

Can I invite you to take a big exhale? It’s pretty remarkable that we don’t do that very frequently. Especially with all that we’re holding on to.

I wear a lot of hats (mom, wife, daughter, strategist, marketer, podcaster, coach, speaker & trainer) but the truth is I hate hats – my head looks funny in them and my hair never recovers (evidence in that photo…but hey! I’m happy!).

My core values are learning, curiosity and adventure. When I’m happy it’s because one (or more) of those values is being realized in that moment.

People like working with me because I show up as me. Learning, curiosity, and the wonder that comes from adventuring is contagious and I bet you want to catch it.

Here’s the thing: You’re doing a lot already.

If doing a lot were going to get you where you wanted to go….wouldn’t you already be there? 

So I have a radical idea that got George Costanza into the Yankees….let’s do the opposite.

Let’s do less.

Let’s have less stuff and less going on. I’m passionate about this but not in a Marie K let’s have 50 things way because I have four kids and a lot of stuff and I like it that way. Occassionally I run free projects that creates a runway for liftoff into this mindset. Make sure you’re on my list to get access to those Subtraction Projects (even Farnoosh & Oprah likes them).