This week, we meet Vidhi Goel, the director of product marketing at a very successful e-clinical firm. However, her career is only part of the story. In this episode, we talk about what she studied in school, her childhood traveling across the globe with her family, and how she defines “success” today.

Born in the United Kingdom and raised in Norway and Indonesia, Vidhi studied economics and chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania and was awarded her MBA in marketing and management from Columbia University. While originally thinking she might go to medical school, she ultimately fell in love with marketing and the problem-solving that comes with the field.

Vidhi reflects on achieving a healthy balance between work and family and stresses the importance of maintaining ownership of one’s calendar and time. She shares what she would tell her younger self regarding the definition of success, which country she would move to, and why she firmly believes that work is a facet, but not a defining characteristic, of her life. “You don’t have to run the rat race,” she says. “Just be who you are.”

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