Hi! Hello! You’re doing great!

This is permission to take one bite of a cookie that doesn’t taste good and politely put the remainder into a napkin because you are too good to eat sub-par cookies.

This is permission to enjoy what you want and permission to stop eating when you’ve reached a point of satisfied. You are lovely, you don’t need to wait until you want to unbutton your pants to know to stop.

This is permission to close your eyes and really turn on your sense of taste for that first bite that you love. (There’s great research on how taking even one sense off the table your other senses are heightened. I think that’s why it’s so quiet the first few bites of dinner!)

This is permission to have the thing you really want first (hello leftovers!) rather than eating 50 things that are “healthy” but aren’t the thing you actually want.

This is permission to eat a light lunch before you head into a weird Lun-ner timed meal so you’re not hangry and grabbing fistfuls of cheese. This is permission to skip lunch so you have plenty of room for Lun-ner.

This is permission to listen to YOUR body, your self, your gut and fuel yourself exactly as you see fit. WITHOUT APOLOGY.

This is permission to love yourself exactly as you are today. To hug tightly. To not sneak to the back of the picture or worse out of view altogether. To be okay because you are loved and today is the only today we get and to spend it with a loving force (that’d be you) is more fun.

Go on. Try it. You have permission.

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