The end of a decade brings up some things doesn’t it? Am I living the life I want to live boldly? Am I taking care of what’s most important? Do I feel like I’m being intentional and making a real difference? Am I listening to myself?

In this podcast with Ariane Baer-Harper we talk about all of this. Ariane is inspiring on a level that I *knew* but couldn’t really know until this conversation. We talk about moving to Africa with her family to be the Head of School and then advancing to be the Country Director, we talk about making that huge leap, being brave and modeling that for our kids. We talk about running and cozy pajamas and embracing giving our bodies what they need!

Since recording this podcast I have thought of Ariane EVERY SINGLE DAY, that is not hyperbole. How her language brought out my own desire to experience life through more senses was everything.

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