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Ashley Dudarenok is a renowned China marketing expert, entrepreneur, bestselling author, professional speaker, and vlogger. She was recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice in Marketing in 2019 and chosen as an Asia-Pacific Top 25 Innovator by the Holmes Report. She is the founder of a China-focused social media agency Alarice and China insights and training company ChoZan. Ashley runs the world’s #1 YouTube business vlog about the China market, consumers and social media at Ashley Talks. She is an author of 3 Amazon bestsellers on China. Ashley is an active supporter of women in leadership and is the creator of the self-development program FIRE. She’s a regular contributor to the SCMP, Technode, the Next Web, China Daily and is often featured in other media such as Forbes, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, WIRED, etc.

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