Hi and welcome to Thursday or as I’m calling it Day 1 of the rest of my life after the stomach bug.

I was out for 24 hours and I slept more in that time than I think I ever have in a 24 hour window. I felt terrible, like really really horrible. And NOW? Now, I feel like a whole new person. Things are possible today that were truly impossible yesterday. I’ve been yearning for that new year feeling since November. And now, today, after the low of spending quality time on the cold tiles of my bathroom floor I feel it. This is not how I thought it would go.

1. Thing I’ve been thinking about: The thing that keeps coming up for me is this:

Slow is steady and Steady is fast.

Sometimes I want speed. I want things to happen faster than they do. And then I remember that I have plenty of time. There is no rush. Every single time I’ve had to wait for what I wanted in the past it’s been 100% worth the wait. I have every reason to believe that is true now. Slow also gives me the benefit of more perspective, of feeling more present, I am not overwhelmed in slow, I am focused. And really that’s what I want most. Even writing this got me to thinking about what I am feeling in a “rush” about now and I invited myself to take it slow and steady instead and I immediately felt better. Does this resonate?

2. Song I’m listening to on repeat: When I need to be really focused and working music on repeat is my fast track to getting into the groove and this song from the Downton Abbey soundtrack does it for me.

3. I’m looking forward to: SLEDDING! I love to sled. It’s thrilling and we finally have some good snow and it looks like we’ll get more tomorrow and I am all in on having fun. Plus I think we’re going to have an amazing weekend. I need a good recommendation for a family friendly movie to watch one afternoon – any ideas? Classics or new are all welcome.

4. Thing I’m loving: After the amount of time I’ve spent in bed this should come as no surprise! Supima Cotton No Iron Sateen Sheets from Lands End. They are the VERY best. I say this as a complete sheet snob. They are soft, cool to the touch but retain just the right amount of heat and they wash amazingly well. Right now they’re 40% off and free shipping. I get nothing for this by the way, which is always true of these recommendations. https://www.landsend.com/products/supima-cotton-no-iron-sateen-sheets—400-thread-count/id_234559?attributes=32671,43313,43349,43581

5. Where I’ll be subtracting: I’m going to be setting myself up for success next week. On Thursday my Peloton bike arrives. I’m VERY excited about this as I’ve been thinking about it for YEARS and finally said: YES! I’ve got a little set of drawers to put in the basement with my workout clothes in it so I’m not fumbling around upstairs to get dressed. I’m also going to bring an extra set of the essentials to our basement sink so I can brush my teeth and feel human.

More and more my subtraction efforts have been around this question: How can I make my best yes easier?

With love,


ps. WISP is currently underway and won’t be open again until June – if you still want to join us for February, March and April this is your very last chance. https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/cassmccrory/20

pps. I didn’t realize it until we were done but we have a serious S theme going on today: Sick, Slow, Soundtrack, Sledding, Sheets, Subtracting. This must be a Sign!

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