In this episode, we meet Danyelle Hildreth, a savvy businesswoman who has cultivated vast experience in the hospitality industry and the corporate world. She’s an adjunct professor in hospitality sales and marketing, has a master’s degree in service management, and in that space she’s evolved her business to be in a consulting practice. We cover why Danyelle considers herself to be wired for work, the value of figuring it out as you’re going along, and being intentional in the process.

Danyelle shares how her career changed after starting a family, reflects on creating a work-life balance, and reveals what she would tell herself when she started her own business, including the importance of asking for help. “I think we constantly try to be more,” she says. “If you keep wanting more things, you’re never going to be satisfied. You have to really learn to enjoy and appreciate what you have.”

You can follow Danyelle on Twitter @DanyelleCara, or learn more about her consulting company, MESH Consulting, by visiting their website,, or liking them on Facebook.

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