In this episode, we sit down with Sharada Sullivan who is the Sr Director, Finance – GWS North Division at CBRE a global commercial real estate firm and a wife & mom.

So frequently we think that in order to advance we need to change jobs and make radical shifts; Sharada shares her experience of advancement, exploring new roles and growing within an organization.

I greatly appreciated Sharada’s vulnerability in sharing about a time when the role wasn’t a perfect fit out of the gate and some really practical insights into how she’s approaching new challenges in real-time.

We talk about grief and the loss of her father and the unexpected journey that led her and her husband to step into being vegan.

We dig in deep on being intentional about family dynamics and I was touched hearing Sharada speak about her husband James, how James brings himself to their family and Sharada’s deep appreciation for how as a unit they work together.

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