Welcome to Day 1 of our 12 Day Subtraction Project Holiday Edition!

One of my very favorite songs this season is Silent Night. It gives me the chills every time I hear it and my eyes start to water when I hear the lines “All is calm. All is bright.” For me, that’s where I feel the magic: in the calm and bright moments.

We’re still a number of days away from the frenzy so while we’re still a bit removed from it all take a minute to identify what is your calm and bright moments? More importantly – what pulls you away from those moments? What can you actively subtract so the next 12 days are more calm and bright?

Here’s some suggestions:

  • Instead of a dozen different kinds of cookies you make your three favorites.
  • Sending a thoughtful decline to an invitation that would lead you to feel pulled away and stressed.
  • Hold time for downtime.
  • Simplify meals so you can be more present. Instead of an intense meal that has you in the kitchen for the hours leading up to dinner and not with your guests pick a meal that has you enjoying the company! (On Christmas Eve we always do a roast, baked potatoes, a salad and garlic bread. This has minimal time away from the fun!)
  • We all have a person (or two) that takes us out of calm to another place. What can you do to eliminate their ability to ruffle your feathers? I find that if I can keep that person busy with something/someone else than they’re less available to grate on my nerves. You could set them up with a game to play with other people, have them be in charge of the music, make them the bartender, or steer the conversation to a topic you can tune out like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

How will you bring more calm and bright to the next 12 days?  Head to Instagram or Facebook and share yours!

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