I like to live in a state of Flow, where I move from one thing to the next thing with momentum and ease on my side. This can only happen though if I have a bit of planning done because without that planning done flow turns pretty quickly into panic and scramble. Today I’m doing the work of planning and here’s how it looks:

I’m taking a big piece of paper out and making a two week calendar.
I’ve got a stack of large index cards for shopping lists, presents, to-do’s.
A stack of post-it’s for more immediate reminders.

This bit of planning is really helpful because I remember things like:

  • I’m in Lexi’s classroom on Friday I remember that I should pick up a Starbucks gift card for the school nurse because Lexi is in there for moral support all the time (she’s totally fine, I think this is genetic, I loved the nurse as a kid too).
  • We have a potluck dinner at a friends house and I could easily do a double batch of the best Mac & Cheese in the world (if you want the recipe click reply….it’s not a lite & healthy version) and take one to that dinner and the other to my parents the next day.
  • And while I’m at my parents I’m remembering that I have a few pair of heels that I will never wear again and bring them for my cousins.
  • We’ve got a lot going on and I should probably take a little time to do that hot yoga class on Friday morning so I can set my intention and sweat it into being.
  • I see it’s my friends birthday and I stick a card in the mail special because it must be hard having a birthday so near the holidays.
  • AND THEN I REMEMBER it’s Braeden’s birthday on the 29th and I should probably go ahead and order his cookie cake now.

Sometimes this planning highlights a little feeling known as dread. If this happens for you it’s a deep plea to simplify. Do less. Be more. Remember that each and every single thing ahead of you happens in it’s own moment. There are very few things in life you HAVE to do and all of it you GET to do. Shift your thinking to I get to do this and you’ll unlock that golden coin Mario level of goodness.

Remember, there’s plenty of time.

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