Starting a Business For-Good with Kelly Rosch

Humans are the heartbeat of every business. They are the driving force behind our designs, our operations, and our experiences. Regardless of industry or how technologically advanced your company is, every decision made has a personal impact on an individual in today’s world.

As a Senior Manager at Accenture it’s my job to understand the human side of transformation and to help unlock the inherent value in us all. I wake up every day excited to work with my team to bring human-centered design, change, experience and thinking to clients, not just in the name of creating more value, but more importantly in creating a world and culture where our employees and customers can genuinely thrive.

I am highly active in the Kansas City community – engaging in volunteer activities as a member of Centurions, the prominent leadership development program in the Kansas City area.

Kelly is the youngest of the two sisters with a passion for dogs and equality. Her heart and her drive are an integral parts of Puptivism, and is the inspiration behind the business.

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