Starting Season 2 with 3 questions answered by our previous guests on how we’re handling the disruption of right now.


Hello Season 2.

This is not how I thought this would go.

Have you had that feeling?

We’ve been in this weird place of trying to predict what is to come, attempting to be ready for the unknown, this is life and death serious for so many and all of this chaos is happening while work from home becomes mandatory and our kids are all disrupted from the lives that they understand. We need to be the barometer – we need to set the tone and energy meanwhile we’re pulled in a hundred directions while at the same time having nothing to go do.

That feeling you’re feeling. Whatever it is. Is right.

I wanted to start off this new season on the right foot so I went back to the first 50 women that joined us and I asked 3 questions:

#1 What is bringing you joy right now in the space of so much disruption?

#2 What have you let side, let go of, released attachment to?

#3 What do you intend to improve upon this week.

And now I’m going to share their answers as you’re listening I’d love to invite you to be with us. To answer these questions for you too. Write a comment on the post you see on social media, click reply to my email, be within a community of humans doing this in real time with you.

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#1 What is bringing you joy right now in the space of so much disruption?

Jenn Collins from Episode #1 – Slowing down, focusing on my family and the time we’re spending together, journaling each day about 3 things I’m grateful for and talking to my daughters about the things they’re grateful for.

Genie Gratto – Episode Episode #31 – My beloved dance studio, Hipline, had to close and rallied and is working through getting classes online through video conference. The process has not been technically perfect, but just watching those instructors give their all on the dance floor and getting to be part of the community (shout-out to Gallery View) has been amazing. I’m so grateful for the moment of respite and community and love it’s been giving me. (They can be found at in case other women in the audience want to check out a class.)

Sarah Shewey – Episode Episode #26 My cyberwedding and using my creativity and collaborating with a whole new set of people to invent a new medium of storytelling and connectivity.

Danyelle Hildreth Episode # 7 – Being outside! We have always been an active family, but the hours of walks and together time outside this 1 week is what we would do over multiple weeks. No one has decided they have something “better” to be doing. It is also usually all 4 of us together.

I always feel better after being outside.

I have remembered back to being a kid and the amount of time I spent on walks (with my Walkman), playing basketball or building something in my Dad’s shop. Those things gave me joy. I wonder why I don’t do more outside. I wonder how to keep these outdoor moments alive when we have other choice.

Rebecca Glucklich – this episode is set to air I hope later this week and it’s a fun one! Animal instagrams – especially kotaro_otter.  It’s two otters living in Japan (Hi, I want an otter now) and turns watching an otter sit at a table eating salmon is just the CUTEST thing and brings me some serious joy.

Hope Eaton Episode # 9 – The sense of space and the connection with my family and friends (the later via Skype/Zoom/Facetime/Houseparty, etc.). Although I now have my 2 teenage boys at home, what I have is more space to breathe and be, and focus on what has to be done rather than what others want me to be doing.  The sun being out is also bringing me joy and the opportunity to go slow in this season of abundant growth gives me joy as I get to savour it.   Our neighbourhood looking out for one another and sharing supplies or picking up items when we go to the grocery store.  Being forced to STOP and knowing that everyone else is to.  There is no race for me to compete in.  The pause, the respite that I am fortunate enough to have the space and resources to savour.  Gratitude.

Ilise Benun – Episode #35 I’m loving the quiet, both outside when I walk the dog, there’s almost no one on the streets of Savannah. And inside, I’m drastically limiting my media consumption and loving the silence to think and write. Memories are surfacing, like the recession of 1973 when my parents were manufacturing shawls and I couldn’t understand why no one wanted them. And memories of playing musical chairs, which is what this feels like to me.

Whitney Sabins Episode #5 – My kids:   While the days are really long right now and are constantly being interrupted with their needs, it brings me so much joy that I can spend time with them.  It’s time that I will never get back, so I am making it count.  It has brought me back to my days of being a stay at home mom, and for a moment in time, I get to do that again, and I feel really blessed to be able to do that.

#32 Caroline Carter – My 3 children (19, 21 and 23) have flown to Florida to be with me during the pandemic. This is an unexpected joyous event during which we are able to truly connect physical and mentally again. I am basking in each of their life stories and how they have grown since I last saw them during December. The changes in each of their lives are just as dramatic as when they were little ones-to see them taking charge of their lives is a dream come true as a parent and the fact that we are able to share our thoughts, plans, frustrations and gratitude for being together during this uncertain time is a blessing.

#2 What have you let side, let go of, released attachment to?

Jenn Collins Episode #1  I’m very lucky that I have the ability to work ON my business while I’m not currently working IN my business. I have released attachment to building my business during this time and instead of working on prospecting and deals, I’m working on reaching out to everyone I know to make sure they are safe and healthy. I want people to know that I am thinking of them and that we will get through this together. I’m also working on my social media strategy and content and taking the time to improve my skills.

Hope Eaton Episode # 9 -Hustling, proving myself, a clean house, being dictated to by the clock to squeeze in my “work” then run them to their activities before and after school, doing everything perfectly.  Control.  This is a huge lesson on just how much I have not 100% bought into the fact that I do not have any control despite what I thought was all the work that I had done.  Measuring myself by my bank balance or the amount of business I have coming in.

Rebecca – Make up! I haven’t put a stitch on in over a week, not even for video calls. I don’t wear a ton to begin with and there have been times when I’ve gone make up free (wildernessing and mascara don’t pair well) but this has been particularly freeing.

Danyelle Hildreth Episode # 7 – Honestly, my hair, makeup & fashion. I am letting go of being “done up” to be in public. I am usually more self conscious of being seen without makeup and in sweat pants. I really don’t care so much these days and it feels good.

Whitney Sabins Episode #5 – The expectation that I will get everything work related “done” each day.

That my kids are not 40 years old and that I need to lower my expectations of what they need to complete each day.

While this brings me to tears, and I am still in the process of letting this one go, that my daughter won’t be able to celebrate her birthday with friends and family.  For whatever reason that one stings the most.

Caroline Carter Episode  #32- I have let go of my daily standards of perfection with our home! Who really cares if there are toast crumbs on the kitchen floor when I am surrounded by the people I love and value most in the world. I am focusing on practicing mindful cleaning for safety, laundry and trash collection. Life is simple right now and to keep the anxiety for us all at bay we are working together to come up with new ways to connect and contribute to our overall health and wellness. Our daily family walk (without electronics) is allowing us to truly listen to each other, offer support and notice our beautiful natural surroundings. We are breathing. We are healthy. We are grateful.

Genie Gratto Episode #31 -I’ve started being REALLY REAL with clients this past week — I’m honest with them up front that I may not be dressed as professionally as I ordinarily would be for a video conference, that my child is quite possibly going to interrupt us at some point, that I’m scattered and anxious and struggling with getting my feet back under me. Every one of them, to a person, has been fine with this, because we’re all in similar boats.

Sarah Shewey – Episode #26 Had to let our revenue goals slide

#3 What do you intend to improve upon this week.

Ilise Benun – Episode #35 As things continue to evolve and shift, I need to keep finding more and better ways to help and support my network and my clients, some of whom are busier than they’ve ever been and for whom this will be the best thing that ever happened to their business, while others are struggling because their work quickly dried up or simply due to anxiety and a weak foundation.

Sarah Shewey – Episode #26 Helping other event organizers better understand how they can create interesting virtual events.

Caroline Carter Episode #32 – This week our focus is to create a workable schedule and room space in which to do it. The oldest is working remotely and the other 2 return to their university schedules remotely. Since I have always worked out of my home, not much will change for me! With a laptop, I am flexible where I work to allow the others room to spread out. We are also focusing on respecting the space we each carve out in the house to allow us each to do what we need to move forward with our responsibilities.

Jenn Collins Episode #1 – I want to maintain patience and grace with myself, my children and my family. I want to spend some time with self-care either working out, yoga, running or meditation – or maybe all four!

Genie Gratto – Episode #31 – Prioritization. I’m really struggling with everything that needs to get done around here, and that’s been a constant topic of conversation between me and my husband. I want to make sure my child is engaged and enjoying what he’s doing, that my whole family is eating three healthy and delicious meals a day, that our surfaces are clean (they’re not…oy…), that we’re staying connected to friends and family, that my husband and I are getting time together, that we’re all getting our alone time, that I can read and write and meditate and exercise…and it’s not happening in the time and space I would like it to, and I’m not always making the most effective choices, especially when I let anxiety get the better of me.

Danyelle Hildreth Episode # 7 – Adding more FUN into our day. When stress is high and uncertainty sets in, it can suck the fun out of the room. I am going to work hard to not let it. Not exactly spontaneous, but I am going to schedule some fun time and fun ideas in my calendar.

Those are the moments I want remember the most when I look back on this time in our lives.

Hope Eaton Episode # 9 -Prioritising where I place my time and energy and identifying what I most need to unlearn about myself and about how I show up.  Unlearning what work is and how I measure my value, unlearning how I distract myself rather than going deep, unlearning my expectations and ability to plan, unlearning how things should work.  Building my resilience, and curiosity, and trust.

Rebecca – I’ve had a few organizing projects that I’ve been putting off like cleaning out the cabinet under my sink. I think I’m going to pick one project a day (don’t want do ALL the fun at once) and work towards a more organized living space. That and start learning some harder chords on my ukelele instead of spending down time watching Netflix.