What are you going to make (of) this week?


Two things can happen on Monday.

Nothing or Something.

When nothing happens on Monday it sets the tone for the whole week.

And when SOMETHING happens on Monday it triggers this bit of momentum that can just overflow from one day into the next – I love that momentum spill-over. It’s enough to get me to really make something out of Monday.

What are you going to make (of) this week?

I put (of) because it gets to the intention of it all.  I’ve yet to meet anyone that has said: I’m going to make this the worst week ever. I’m really invested in it being truly terrible and I’m going to double-down by making it worse for every person I interact with.

That would be really unhealthy, right? Most of us aren’t going off the deep-end of ill-intent but we’re also not being thoughtful about a well-intended intention either. And here’s why that can cause some trouble:

When we say nothing about our intention – if we don’t declare our positive intention – we become like bubbles in the breeze – subject to the good and bad gusts that are bound to interject on our days.

When we claim our positive intention, when we thoughtfully bring ourselves to a place of “I want to show up with a smile and to be delighted by the surprises of life” we give ourselves something to align to consciously and subconsciously.

Have you ever had someone mention something and then all of a sudden they pop up all over the place? Last week it was giraffes. I heard a story about a giraffe, I looked at giraffe print on a background, I had a dream about a giraffe, a friend mentioned feeding giraffes and then I got home from work one day and Braeden had painted a sleeping giraffe. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE.

It’s called The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon – watch, you’ll hear about this again this week too!

It’s this phenomenon that helps your intention set your course.  When you intentionally say “I want to show up with a smile and to be delighted by the surprises of life” you actually do show up with a smile and when you don’t you notice someone smiling and you smile back and you seek the delight, you notice things that you hadn’t noticed before like how the coffee mug you have on your desk is the most lovely shade of orange and you remember how much you love orange.

So my prompt for you today is two things:

  1. Decide what you’re going to make (of) this week.
  2. Decide something you’re going to MAKE this week. Suggestions include: muffins, a blog post, a friend, a postcard, a giraffe (if you do, please do send it to me), a mess, a cocktail, time for a story, space for a new job, a signature dance move, or whatever came top of mind (yes, even that).

*My intention this week is to embrace the ease of flow (and listen to the resistance). Every week this year I’ve been thoughtfully setting intentions with the Weekly Intention Setting Partnership and it’s made a tremendous difference in how I’m showing up. If you’re feeling like you’re just “getting through” the week or the days of January all just blended together give it a shot in February. The cost to join is $5 a month. You can cancel anytime. You can join anytime. The prompts will not repeat. You can not catch up, you can not fall behind. You can sign up here