So Many Different Hats – Which One Do I Wear?


This morning I went to a party to celebrate the launch of the Go-To-Gal podcast from local entrepreneur & inspirer Jaclyn Mellone. It was a great experience to see so many women business owners in one room supporting this vision of Jaclyn’s and it was amazing to see how over the last eight years since returning to Rochester I’ve met so many of these women in various different contexts. Plus it was hosted at Rochester Brainery which is an amazing space dedicated to spreading continued curiosity and learning.

In true Go-To-Gal fashion, the nametags were set up to state your name and a fill in the blank: Go-To ___________.

I was at a loss. I put coffee-drinker.

Even writing this I’m embarrassed to admit it.

Coffee-drinker? Really, Cass? Really?!?!!?

I mean, I drink a fair amount of coffee but that’s not why people call me.

It was so hard to decide which hat to put on. Inside this room there were Capra Strategy clients, there were subscribers of Subtraction Project, there were Moms, and women I’ve done yoga with, there was a friend from college, it was like all of my worlds collided and I didn’t know which hat to wear.

So I wore my love of coffee.

I don’t know exactly how this all shakes out but I do know that I’d like to know what to write on those name-tags.

There are so many “experts” that tell you to embrace your multi-passionate self, there are other “experts” that tell you to do one thing and do it exceptionally well. I know they can both be right and I kind of wonder if this is a grass-is-greener issue.

What I do know is that I showed up, I was me, I had on a lot of hats and I had a cup of coffee.  So I am winning in the category of authenticity.

Check-out Jaclyn’s new podcast – it’s done with such care – the Farnoosh episode is so worth the listen.