Without Distraction

My intention this week: Be in each moment without distraction.*

I love flights – not just because I enjoy traveling and having adventures – I love how flights bring me clarity, they help me get the work done that I’ve avoided, without the connection to the outside world some real work can get done, plus someone keeps coming around reminding me to drink water. When I started thinking about my intention for this week I realized that I was craving a flight for exactly these reasons.

So I’m going to do my best to create some real windows without distraction, being fully present in one task at a time and it’s not easy. Simple? Yes. But so very hard. The pull of the email notification, the ping of the text message, the 6 next to the LinkedIn App letting me know there are notifications waiting for me, the magazine article I’ve started 3 times, the growing cold mug of tea, the tv, the everything.

To be in just one place, doing just one thing, it will feel like a treat. 

Or it won’t. It might feel really bad. In which case, that’s a very clear sign that the thing that I’m attempting to do is not really for me to be doing. I fear there is going to be a bit of this. And doing just one thing at a time is going to force me to acknowledge the truth.

In my mind, the perfect flight is 2 hours and 45 minutes and at the 2 hour and 30-minute mark you’re given the “we’re approaching our destination, prepare for landing” speech.

This week I’m setting up 2 productivity flights. Want to fly with me? Here’s what I’m doing: 

  • Finding the two Productivity Flight windows on my calendar.
  • I’m going to prepare for take-off. I’ll grab a snack (lunch if necessary), a full bottle of water and a glass for airborne. I’ll print out anything that would be helpful to have access to. Grab my favorite pen, highlighter, maybe a book I’ve been meaning to make progress on.
  • Turn off wifi. Power down phone.
  • Dab on some essential oils (I’m going with some Peppermint)
  • Create the list of things I’d like to get done on the flight.
  • Start doing them.
  • Finish something and spend a few minutes looking out the window and sipping some water.
  • Do something else.
  • Get a cup of tea.
  • Do more things.
  • Read for 10 minutes.
  • Keep doing the things.
  • 15 minutes before end of Flight setup the emails for send once we “land”.
  • Take a few deep breaths. Think about where I need to go once we “land”.

I have a strong hunch I’m going to like where I’m going. You joining me?

*Each week I’ll share my intention for the week – if you’re curious about what intention setting can do for you check out WISP our Weekly Intention Setting Partnership here.