1 Decision or 100 Decisions?


Over this past weekend, I listened to this podcast with Tim Ferriss and Jim Collins and something they said really stuck with me.  Mr. Collins mentions this forward he wrote as the Foreword to the 50th Anniversary Edition of The Effective Executive it’s point #6 that deeply resonated with me.


This statement has been popping up like a buoy in the waters at so many inflection points and I think it has real purpose in Subtraction Projects.

Let’s head to your closet.

The question is this: Do I keep clothing that doesn’t fit me?

Let’s say the answer is No.

Now that you’ve made that ONE decision you have literally made HUNDREDS of decisions if your closet is like most.

Let’s head your bookshelf.

The question is: Do I want to keep books I liked a little but will most likely never read again?

Let’s say the answer is No.

Now that you’ve made that ONE decision you’ve made DOZENS of decisions.

After I took this idea for a spin I had another thought. Where do I face decision fatigue? Could I answer a dozen or even a hundred decisions with one? Could you?

It’s something I’m thinking about more and more as the hundred of decision points can be so pervasive and honestly just wear me down.  They live within things like: alcohol, social media, kids having screentime, working-out, bringing my lunch. Is this an area you’d like to explore more? Let me know and I’ll share my work in pencil with you.