In this episode, we meet Suzi Russell, a nurse, mother, educator, and nurturer. A lifelong nurse, Suzi is also a local producer and director of community theatre. She talks about the different seasons of her career and the space that it took to create it, and shares powerful magic and medicine around what we do with our lives. We cover the convergence of motherhood and professional development, the journey to feeling “enough,” and the power of opening oneself up to learning from others.

Based in New South Wales, Australia, Suzi knew she wanted to become a nurse since she was four years old. She found her place within the professional space within the healthcare field and most recently transitioned to becoming a nurse educator at the local university. “How can I make a difference? How can I make a difference with my colleagues? For my patients? And the answer for me has been to move into education,” she shares. Suzi reflects on the power of asking “what if” questions, the importance of putting yourself first, and how to live a meaningful life.

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