It’s Enough – Day 11 of 12 Subtraction Project

Repeat after me: Thank you so much! That is so thoughtful of you and I appreciate you so very much.

This is what you say when someone gives you a gift and you don’t have a gift for them. It’s important to practice some things so you don’t go into your default negative self talk that looks more like: WAHHHH I DID NOT GET THEM ANYTHING I DID NOT KNOW WE WERE EXCHANGING GIFTS WAH NOW THEY ARE GOING TO THINK I DO NOT LOVE THEM!!!! WAHHHHHH!!!!

Repeat after me: It’s Enough

This is what you say when you’re considering going out to get “just a few more things” because maybe you didn’t get quite enough and is it all fair and equal? It’s enough. Stay home. It is. It always was enough. It will be enough.

Repeat after me: I’m good not talking about that but can we please talk about how fabulous your _______ is! (fill in the blank with car, earrings, profile photo, child’s name)

This is what you say when anyone starts to talk about something you do not want to talk about. This can include things like politics, your hair, your sister and her drama, why you didn’t move when your house was on the market or literally anything you don’t want that persons perspective on. Seriously. Say it out loud. You can use this. But it’s good to practice it before hand so it just rolls right off the tongue.

Subtract all this. Be joyful.