The other day Braeden was losing his mind about something and I said: “I think we need a time-out” and so we sat on the couch together for a minute and just shared space. At first, he was angry. Then he leaned in. Then he crawled on my lap. Then he said, “I think maybe we should read a story.” And we did. It was a top moment of my day.

The next few days are gonna be busy(ish) and can I just encourage you to take a few time-outs. You can take them alone. You can invite along a friend. You can ask for the hug you need. You can pretend you have to pee when you don’t really have to go. You can just share space with someone you love and take a big inhale and an exhale without feeling the space with anything cluttery and noisy like words.

Even better. Share this with your family members. Encourage them to take a time-out too. In fact, I made something you can print out and put on your fridge.

Life is better after a time-out. Take one. Give one. Share one.

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