It’s Time to Ask

The other day someone asked me a great question: What is something that has radically shaped your career?

I’d like to share my answer with you because it was something that I needed the reminder of too.

It was my first day home from my freshman year of college and I needed to get a job. I had no experience outside of babysitting and a deep desire to not babysit. I got myself dressed up and decided that I wanted to work at a restaurant on Keuka Lake. I came downstairs and some of my extended family was there and the conversation went like this:

Mom & Uncle: Hey! Where are you going all dressed up?
Me: I’m going to go get a job.
Mom: So, you’re just going to show up and ask for one.
Me: Yup.
Uncle: That’s not how this works.
Me: We’ll see. I don’t know where else to start so I’ve got to start there.
Mom: Have fun! (I have a strong hunch she knew I’d come home with a job.)

I went to five restaurants. The last one offered me a job and in the span of that summer, I learned how to hostess, manage the restaurant when a manager quit unexpectedly, order food from the suppliers, wait tables, tend bar, manage the deposits and how to clean soft-shell crab.

The lesson? The thing that has radically shaped my career? I asked. I figured out what I wanted and I asked for it. Maybe that wasn’t the traditional way but I asked for what I wanted and I got it.

There’s another component to this though.

Have you ever lost your keys and then upon finally finding them you say “They were in the last place I looked!” Well, no kidding. You wouldn’t keep looking once you’d found them.

I kept going, I went to the first four restaurants and got the big old No and then I kept going.

When I’m at my best. When my business is at it’s best. It’s because I identify what I want, I ask for it, and then I keep going until I get it.  That’s the thing that has radically shaped my career.

What’s the thing that has radically shaped your career?

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