The 4 Secrets to Advancing Your Career in 2019



Have you ever had a conversation with an 8-year-old? It’s a meandering, detail filled, destination-less experience that can often leave you with a “what just happened?” feeling. Some adults have similar conversational peaks. The entire time you’re thinking to yourself can we just “cut to the chase?”

It’s movie speak for get to the action. It’s time to acknowledge that you laid a lot of ground work, the storyline is really well built out in the story of your career thus far, and now it’s time to “cut to the chase”.

We put a lot of hurtles in the form of stories we tell ourselves “I have to be a manager for 6 years before I can be a senior manager.” “I need to have 25 clients before I can raise my rates.” “I can’t advance beyond my up-line.” “I can’t ask for a flex schedule, to relocate or quit and start doing work I love.”


Hypothetically, let’s say that you are single and you want to find the love (or a love) of your life and you decide that an app is for sure the way to go, do you mark yourself as available or unavailable? Available, right? You are available, you want to be seen as available, you mark yourself as available.

You want to advance in your career in 2019. Internally in your company or maybe even outside of your current organization. Having an updated LinkedIn profile is like saying “I’m available.” If it’s been a bit you can join me on January 2nd at 12pm with your salad and in 30 minutes we’ll make updates to your profile that aligns you to what you want in 2019….and about that…


We’re wrapping up holiday festivities at my house and the most amazing thing happened for our 4 year old Braeden. He wrote a letter to Santa asking for a Rocket Ship and Slippers and guess what? Santa brought him a Rocket Ship and Slippers!

It’s remarkably simple.

But some of us adults have forgotten how to do this along the same time we lost our belief in the flying reindeer.

Ask for what you want. Let it be known. To who? You might be thinking. Well to YOU for starters. So (seriously SO so so so SO) many people are all “I’m not happy with my work” but they don’t know what they WANT. I promise you, it is time for you to know what it is you want and to ask for it.

Do you need to talk about this? Because I LOVE (seriously, second to reading bedtime stories it’s my favorite) to have the conversations that reveal what it is you actually want and I’m opening up some time to do just that this year. You can book the time right on my calendar here.


Have you watched a tennis match? These athletes are at that baseline and they are READY. They know that the ball is about to come barreling at them and they are in the ready position. Now let’s say, that the thing you want is heading towards you, are you ready?

Nope. Didn’t think so. Most people aren’t. And I think this readiness is a really big deal.

Have you ever had an experience where you finally got yourself ready for something and then it just happened out of no where? You’ve been talking about traveling forever and then you found the perfect luggage and then SUDDENLY opportunities to travel come up left and right? That is the magic of the ready-position.

What action can you take in the first 30 days of 2019 to BE READY?