Three things to do when a leader you admire leaves your organization:
1. Say thank you. You may assume they’re flooded with LinkedIn Congratulations – and you may be right – but take the moment to say thank you in a LinkedIn Message (not just a comment). Being one of many is always better than not taking right action for yourself.

2. Take 10 minutes to write the thank you and get specific about what you valued about working with this individual, or their contributions “from afar”. You can share this with them or you can simply recognize WHAT you valued about this leader, get clear on the hole that needs to be filled within your organization, and if appropriate take steps to fill it.

3. Stay in touch. No matter what they do next thanks to LinkedIn you can still be positively influenced by this leader. You never know when the next opportunity to work together will be made possible.

Remember it’s not goodbye. It’s so long for now. Bonus tip in the comments.

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