Set your timer for 10 minutes and turn everything else off. We all know that distractions will make this take weeks.

  • Check your profile photo. If it was taken prior to 2015 you need a new photo. Professional and current is best. At the VERY least make sure it’s a photo of ONLY you, and it reflects how you’d present yourself in a first business introduction. Your mobile will do a great job at taking this picture – just don’t do a selfie: hand your phone to a colleague, face some natural light and smile. Make that profile photo visible so people can connect the dots from when they met you in person.
  • Update your Headline Statement. This is NOT a place for your job title to hang out alone. This is your introduction to THE person you most want to connect with telling them WHY they should go ahead and click on your face to learn more. This is one of the few pieces of information that can use to identify if you’re the person they’re searching for. See this image for the plight of John Smith.
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Here’s mine: Marketing Strategist | B2B Social Influence & Selling Trainer | Podcast Host at Real Women in Business ☕️

Sales example: Bringing cloud & #IoT solutions to manufacturing companies for greater efficiency with COMPANY NAME

Marketing example: Introducing COMPANY NAME #IoT solutions to TARGET CLIENT INDUSTRY.

  • Summary Statement Review. First, you have to read it. This should take you no more than 90 seconds. If it takes you more, you need a red pen.

Think of this as the first place you have to make a real impression.

Did I mention that we all know that you wrote this? For that reason do not make it sound like Morgan Freeman is reading it as the master of ceremonies before you step on stage to speak. You want it to have three parts and sound like YOU.

1. A hook. What will make the person you most want to connect with click that very elusive “see more” link?

2. What you do and what gives you the business to do it.

3. Who you are outside of work. People connect with people. Be real and you’ll make a lasting impression.

  • Check your title – make sure it’s current and if your company is like most companies provide some clues to what your title actually MEANS in the description along with a quick one sentence about what your company does – you can usually find something suitable at the bottom of your companies current press releases.

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