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Without Distraction

My intention this week: Be in each moment without distraction.* I love flights – not just because I enjoy traveling and having adventures – I love how flights bring me clarity, they help me get the work done that I’ve avoided, without the connection to the outside world some real work can get done, plus […]

The Pre-Work Warm-Up

My intention this week: Best next step.* To many, myself included, today is the “first” day of the New Year – it’s the first Monday of 2019 and salads are being crunched and we’re back to a regular week of work. As I got down to my home office this morning I felt that creaky […]

WISP-1 – Smile First

This is our first in a new offering called Weekly Intention Setting Partnership. I wanted to send this first one to everyone because maybe it’s exactly what you need to add in 2019 to help you subtract so much other stuff that isn’t serving you. If you love it and you want the accountability of […]